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Stafford Agricultural

Advisory Commission

Stafford, Connecticut

The Stafford Agriculture Advisory Commission (SAC) was originally formed to assist the Stafford Zoning Board with drafting zoning regulations that would promote and preserve agriculture in Stafford.  Stafford has a rich history of farming, dating back to the mid 1700s.  There are families in Stafford today that continue to farm the same land their ancestors did years ago.  

The new Ag friendly regulations were adopted and the commission turned its attention to promoting agriculture for both large-scale and micro farms in Stafford.  In 2021, the SAC took on the responsibility of coordinating Farm Day.  Farm Day celebrates agriculture with many farm related exhibits and is a well-attended community event.  In 2022, the SAC will host its first Farm to Table event featuring produce and products sourced from our local farms.  All proceeds from these events are allocated to agricultural projects and scholarships in Stafford.

The SAC meets monthly and committees for events, often holding special meetings in addition to the monthly SAC meeting.  We welcome area farmers and community members to attend and get involved.  Whether you are just starting with a few chickens or operating a multigenerational farm, we would love to meet you. We are always looking for new and different ways to promote and preserve agriculture in our beautiful, rural town.

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